How do I stop someone from harming my online reputation?

Answer by Greg Longmuir:

This is tricky, but not uncommon. Most times negative reviews or comments are done anonymously or on a site where the actual poster is hidden with a user name. In this case, it appears more like harassment, which you do not need a lawyer to go to a court and file an order of protection ( if you feel this person has demonstrated an escalation in attacks and fear for your safety). No one wants an order of protection on their record!!! You can also sue him yourself for free. I am not a lawyer but sure seems like I would be upset. The next thing is to contact Google and the other engines and report this person or posts as negative SEO. Can you use webmaster tools to disavow the links? Next you may want to start a reputation recovery program to start the process so when it does stop and loses value in search the effort you put in will rise like rice in the rankings. Can you contact the owners of those blogs and explain the situation and ask simply to unlink? If you can give me examples and point me in the direction I can give a more detailed overview. Greg

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