Capital One needs to get with it!

Ok, so the other day I go into Capital one bank to make a withdrawal (don’t ask, long story there) but as I stand at the counter and wait for the teller to count out the money I notice that he has a nice suit on, not a Versace but off the rack and a bit too long and needed to be tailored but otherwise nice. But… then I notice what I consider the kiss of death!!!! and that’s a stain on his tie! Not that I am picking but he could have tried to wash it out but did not look like it. Now, I understand that these things happen but for heavens sake how do you stand there with such a stain blaring out? It completely ruins anything else about your attire. Take the tie off! I cannot tell you what a turnoff that is and even if he were wearing a Versace suit it would have looked like a Wal-Mart special with that stain. But that’s not the whole story why I made my title, the bank is recently renovated, it looks nice, but again here are the things that just make me cry sometimes. The tellers are wearing a big yellow button on their lapels that say “ask me about ????”, the pins are easy 4 inches round, worn away at the edges and peeling away that one could easily mistake it for a big blob of mustard. Noe here is my point, no manager has asked this guy to clean his tie? No manager said to themselves hey, these pins look like crap and we should replace them? not to mention that there is a line waiting and 5 people are walking around or sitting alone at the desk and only 2 people are working the counter! This is what I see when I go into a retailer or an establishment, I notice the things that turn people off and the things that make a company, retailer or establishment look and be perceived as a success, want to to business with. I just don’t think that because you require a suit to be worn that any schleppy look will fill the requirement, this dude would have looked 10x better in a polo and the manager of that branch could have pride.


About Greg_Longmuir

20 years as a Sales Management Executive, Digital Marketing and Sales Director , Call Center Director and Reputation Management Professional. _______________________________________________________________ 12 years as Director of Digital Marketing and Sales for the largest mattress retailer with over 1000 showrooms in 15 state DMA's. Sleepy's the Mattress Professionals,,, and _______________________________________________________________ Specialties Digital Marketing - Reputation management- Online Marketing - SEO/SEM - Sales Management Revenue Generation - Profit Building - Contract Negotiations - Competitive Analysis - Public Relations Policy Development -Media Buying - Call Center Operations -Mobile Marketing - Customer Insights - E-Commerce, Google Tools, Social Media, Mobile and the list goes on..
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